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Getting to the final product includes delivering the parameters established in the agreement phase of the production (see The Process) which includes determining target audience, key messaging, desired impact and agreeing on measurable impact. Each production is unique. In this section of the website we explore how we got to the end product and the production itself.

Against Great Odds title.jpg

Against Great Odds produced in 1992, documents the Meserete Kristos Church during its underground years.

Begin Anew with Sara Wenger.jpg

Begin Anew is a series of 16 video productions deigned to get at the "why" behind the core beliefs of the Mennonite church Canada and USA.

Mental Wellness video.png

Produced for the Waterloo Region pubic and Catholic school boards serving 60,000 students focusing on building mental wellness.

Page 2 production montage thubnail.jpg

This six part series was developed to address the provincially required annual training requirements for long-term care for peopleCare.


Produced in Israel/Palestine, this three part series was developed for people dealing with cancer for Vision Video.

We shall change the world of senior livi

The assignment for this production was to explore what long-term care might look like 50 years from now positioning peopleCare as an organization committed to innovation in care.

The Lord's Prayer.jpg

This less than two minutes production juxtaposes the Lord's Prayer sung in Arabic against the joyful Meserete Kristos Church baptism in Asella, Ethiopia.

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