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The Process
We are a team of independent storytelling professionals coming together to serve clients and their strategic communication needs

This website focuses on video production, but the principles outlined below apply to the development of strategic communication in general. We work at culture change by entertaining, inspiring, motivating, and educating audiences.

Our backgrounds are in journalism, marketing, communication, design, music scoring and the performing arts. Together we produce video and other forms of media. Each team member is accomplished in their field. They own their own businesses (see "Meet the Team"). Together we deliver with expertise, authenticity, integrity, and excellence.

Our role as the producing organization is to serve as a catalyst, connecting the message with the target audience applying professional expertise delivering communication with impact. The process is broken down into five phases: agreement, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.

We invite you to take a few moments to read and listen to what our clients and professionals say about their experience with production by clicking on the person or persons present with each of the stages of communication listed below.

The most important step in a production happens when identifying and agreeing on message, target audience and desired impact. This is where to determine if the goal is to inform, educate, inspire, motivate and to define success. This is also where to determine how the end product will support organizational communication strategies.


As much as half to three quarters of the work happens before rolling camera. Careful attention to detail at this stage in the process can dramatically reduce work particularly when in post-production.

The producer must listen deeply in order to serve as a catalyst in shaping the story arc establishing the verbal and visual approaches to storytelling.



Deliverables: Establish messaging, target audience, storytelling approach and how to measure success

Deliverables: logistics survey, production storyboard and timeline



Pre-production is about working with all participants to build trust and shape content direction as established in the agreement phase. This is where the homework begins. Researching and internalizing the content in collaboration with organizational liaison is critical.

Building alignment and clarifying of roles, comes next. This includes meeting with interviewees, logistics staff, extras, host, camera, lighting, and sound members of the team.

Pre-production technical surveys help determine the look and feel of the production. This is when choices are made about lighting and sound.




Production begins when cameras roll, capturing what was set into motion in the agreement and in pre-production phases. Interviews are recorded giving voice to key messaging. Attention is also given to visual storytelling. Authenticity is critical, and content focuses both on the tangible and intangible aspects of communication.


Strong visuals hinge on lighting, both available and set.Professional selection of mics and their placement provides clear sound. This insures quality voice recording and control of ambient sounds such as air conditioner hums, background music, and traffic sounds.

Deliverables: raw audio and visual footage

Post Production


Deliverables:  rough and final edits, graphics, equalized sound, colour corrected video, and scored music


A carefully planned and executed production delivers content which can be edited into impactful communication. This is where pacing and flow are established. The rough edit allows a first look at the "skeleton" of the production and any content or flow revisions should happen at this stage.

Work on graphics (titles, names, credits, etc.) colour correction and sound tweaking follows. Music selection or scoring takes place once all elements are in place. Scoring music can dramatically affect the emotional impact of the piece.




Impact and successful use of the visual communication should be measured in terms established in the agreement.


Thought should be given in the early stages of development to venues and forms of dissemination to be applied to the production. Evaluation should include answers to questions such as: Does it deliver the established key messaging? Does the production inspire trust, educate, train, or motivate the audience? and How does the production move the organizational agenda forward?

Deliverable: final production

We Will Change the World of Senior Living click or tap to play



Rough and final edits, graphics, equalized sound, colour corrected video, and scored music

Gather raw audio and visual footage

Deliver final production in agreed to formats




Establish messaging, target audience, storytelling approach and how to measure success

Logistics survey, pre-production interviews, project alignment, production storyboard and timeline

Process summary
meet the team

D. Michael Hostetler


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